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Fanfiction Appreciation Week: Day 1

Day 1 Monday: Your all time favorite fanfiction that strengthened your feels towards a certain otp, friendship, or story. (Graphic Optional)

All This Waiting for Skies to Fall by monroeslittle

(This will be a lot of bumbling, okay. There are just a lot of feels)

Of course I shipped Everlark while reading the books. Of course I loved Peeta and his lovely ways (he was quickly pulling rank above Mr. Darcy while I read). But this story made me fall in love with Katniss like I had with Peeta. They grew up together and fell in love. Katniss was an everyday sort of girl in this story. While in the books, I related more to Peeta, I quickly caught on to Katniss here. And, man oh man, when you love both people in an OTP equally in a story, it makes conflict that much harder. But then we get the happy ending. And I think since I was so attached to both Peeta and Katniss in ATWfStF, I began to like its ending more than the the actual ending.

In addition, we got to see Annie. We got to see Annie and Peeta. We got to see Haymitch and Katniss.

Not to mention, it was one of the very first Hunger Games stories I read. It had such an effect on me that I felt inspired to write. I have read it over a dozen times and will easily read it a dozen more.

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